Same-Sex Pair

Skaters, rink end up hand in hand
Gay men drop lawsuit against Berkeley Iceland

LINK: Skaters, rink end up hand in hand
LINK: Interview with Jay Kobayashi Skater and Coach
LINK: Same-Sex pair at 2006 Gay Games

Governing Council


The two (2) LINKS below include information about "Levels of Difficulty for Pairs," which applies to the Code of Points System and will be the new scoring system for Adult Gold and Adult Master Pair teams starting this coming season, and the 2006 "Combined Reports of Action" from the recent Governing Council meeting in Orlando, Florida. Please note: in the "Combined Reports of Action from Governing Council" link, information with regard to the "NEW" Championship Pairs event can be found at the bottom of pg.12 and the "Well-Balanced" programs for all levels of Adult Pair Skaters can be found on pg. 36-37

Code of Points: Levels of Difficulty for Pairs pg. 5, 6, 7
Combined Reports of Action from Governing Council pg. 12, 36, 37
Pairs Scale of Values

The Cutting Edge 2: Going for the Gold

Tonight: Sunday, March 12
The Cutting Edge 2: Going for the Gold

07:00 PM ET -ABC Family-
"It took over a decade for a sequel to "The Cutting Edge," starring D.B. Sweeney and Moira Kelly, to be made. Now I absolutely love the original -- "Toe pick!" -- so I don't know why the folks at ABC Family decided to continue (and potentially ruin) the story. But it's an Olympic year, and figure skating is very "hawt." In this made-for-TV movie, the daughter (Christy Carlson Romano) of the original skating lovebirds -- this time played by different actors -- decides to pair up with a new partner, an in-line skater. Naturally, the two athletes develop a love-hate relationship while dreaming of Olympic glory. Legendary skater Oksana Baiul co-stars. Before the sequel starts, you can watch the original "Cutting Edge" at 5 p.m. "

History of Pair Skating

If you haven't already read it, Blades on Ice has a great article about the history of Pair Skating in their August 2005, Volume 15, Number 6 issue, which can be back ordered:

"All About Pairs: A Historical Overview"
By Alexandrea Stevenson (with excerpts from skating Historian Dale Mitch)